How to Create your Google Business Account (Plus, Analytics, Maps, YouTube and Webmaster Tools)

Is your company registered on google and google plus? Often times clinics are unsure of whether their account has been created or not, and aren't aware of their log in information even if they are already set up.

It is super important to figure out if a google account has already been created for your company because if so you don't want to have multiple accounts representing your company. This can be bad for your SEO as google will begin acknowledging your company as a spam company and perhaps not legit. However, within your one Google Account it is important to link your business to as many google features as possible. Below I will explain how to set up all of the features you will need under your Google Account.

Did you know that everyone who has a gmail account technically has a "personal" google plus account already? Even if you haven't put any love into your profile, it is floating on the WWW! Perhaps when you added your business to google maps you used one of your personal gmail accounts to do so? I would do a search for your business on google maps at and google plus to see if anything comes up. For example, search: "Your Clinic Name and City Google Plus".

If something does come up and you don't recall adding your business to maps, I would speak to the people in your clinic to find out if anyone that currently works there remembers what email account was used to set up. If not, you may have to create a new account entirely. It is better to have 2 accounts than none at all, and we'll make sure your new one has everything you need to use it to it's advantage of boosting your SEO!


Step One: Set up your Google Account

You can use your current personal gmail account, or add an account using your clinic email address (even if it's not a gmail account this will work).

- Visit and "choose/add account" for existing account, or "create an account" if you are starting fresh.

- Fill out required information for a "personal account" first. (Birthday doesn't have to be accurate just fill in the details as necessary. Make sure to enter a proper phone number as this will be used to send you a text to verify your business later.)

- Click "Create your Profile"

- Feel Free to "Follow things you love" or skip and push "Finish" - "Continue Anyway"


So! At this point Google will have automatically created a gmail account for you to use for this account. If you would like to have this email switched to your business email that multiple people have access to visit

- Scroll down to the "Account management" box.

- Click Delete products.

- Click Remove Gmail permanently.

- Select "Yes, I want to permanently remove..."

- Type in your clinic email address as your New Primary Email address


Follow the next steps to verify your new primary email address:

- Check the email account you have chosen

- Open the message from Google with the subject line "Gmail Removal Confirmation."

- Click the link provided in the message to verify your request.


When the next window opens type in your password and verify.



If you take a look at your account icon on the top right corner of the screen you should see that you are still logged in but your email has now been changed to your clinic email.


Step Two: Set up your Business google+ page within your new Google+ Account


Go to

Click "Get on Google"

- Find your business on google maps

- If your business is searchable, click on it and select "I am Authorized to Manage this business and I agree to the terms of service and continue"

- If your business is not searchable then select "Add your business"

- Fill out the following details requested and "Continue"

- Google will try to match your business to others with similar details. Select "None of these Match" if this doesn't apply to you.

- Select "I am Authorized to manage this business..." and "Continue"

- Select "verify business by phone" and enter the code that is sent to you via text.


You will now arrive at your new Google+ business page!

Add your profile picture, business pictures, website url, description, etc.


Step Three: Verify your website (Very Important!)

- Visit

- On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click "Add a Property" and fill in your website url.

- Click on your Website Domain Name to open the Account.

- Click on the Gear Icon, on the top right of your screen to see a drop down menu below it. From there click on "Verification Details"

- If HTML tag is not visible on the Recommended method tab, click the "Alternate methods" tab or "Try using a different Method".

- Click on "HTML Tag", copy HTML code that is provided.

- Go to your website dashboard editor: click on "Clinic Options"-"SEO", then paste the code into "Google Webmaster Code" and "Save Changes"

- If your site isn't live yet submit this code to your Lifelearn Customer Success Rep and they will complete the process for you.

- Once you've added the tag to your home page, click "Verify" back at the Webmaster tools webpage.


Step Four: Set up Google Analytics

- Visit

- Click "Access Google Analytics"

- Click "Admin"  (4th link in on the top menu bar)

- Click "account" - "Create new Account"

- Fill in the details required and click "Get Tracking ID"

- Copy HTML tracking code.

- Go to your website dashboard editor: click on "Clinic Options"-"SEO", then paste the code into "Google Analytics Code" and "Save Changes"

- If your site isn't live yet submit this code to your Lifelearn Customer Success Rep and they will complete the process for you.

- Once you've added the code to your home page, click "Verify" back at the Google Analytics webpage.


Step Five: Set up your YouTube Account

- Visit

- Sign in to Youtube using your Google Account that you have just set up.

- Click "Upload" and begin uploading all of your fun phone videos etc on youtube 

- The more videos you add to youtube, the better this will be for your SEO as well! By linking them to your websites as well, your SEO will greatly improve!

- Here are Instructions on copying your videos onto your website blog or any other pages! Click Here: Adding a Video to your Website



Step Six: Request Friends and Reviews for your Google Plus Account!

- Visit

- To access you business page click on your user icon on the top left. Below your profile information should be a button for "Your Clinic Name - Google+ Page" - Click on that.

- Once in your Google+ Business page, Click on "About" and find your Google+ URL under "Contact Information"

(This can be edited and updated via the "edit" button)

- Send a mass email to let your clients know you've set up this account and to visit it and to +1, Star, Review and Follow your account! Even if they never use it agagain this will help your SEO tremendously. The more of followers, reviews and +1's you have the higher you will rank in Google.


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