How To: HTML Codes - Links in Widgets

If you have a link that you would like to add to a Text Widget on your website, here are the steps for the HTML coding required;


The following code is needed:

<a href="insert the link you would like here">Anything in this area will be clickable!</a>


If you have an image that you would like to insert, here is the process and code required:

  • First, upload the image to the media section of your website
  • Once uploaded, select the image and look for the File URL in the box to the right
  • Highlight the File URL and copy
  • You will need this URL to insert into your code in the text widget, so that it can bring up the image

Insert the following code:

<img src="insert the File URL here">


If you find that your image is HUGE and is not fitting inside the widget, you can add a width code to reformat the image to fit inside of the widget box; width="100%"

Here is what it looks like in the HTML code:

<img src="insert image File URL here" width="100%">


If you would like to combine the two, and make the image clickable, here is the full code required:

<a href="insert link you would like here"><img src="insert File URL here"></a>


Don't forget to always close (>) all of your codes, and always finish the link code (</a>) when you're done!

If you get stuck, feel free to call our wonderful support team! We would be more than happy to help.

And now you know!

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