All About Forms

All About Forms:

Stage 1: Make the Form

  1. Go into the Forms Page and create your form.
  2. Drag and Drop the options to customize your form.

Stage 2: Add the Form to a New Page

  • Create a new page and title it the same as the Form title
  • Select the “Add Form” button beside the Add Media option
  • Choose which form you want added from the drop down menu
  • Select the blue Insert Form button
  1. Publish the Page and view the Page by selecting the “View Page” option on the top black bar of the Dashboard.
  2. When you view the page, copy the URL of the page from the address bar.

Stage 3: Add Page Link to Forms Page

  1. Go into the Pages area and select the Forms page
  2. Type the title of the form in the body of the page
  • Highlight the title you created and select the paper clip icon (insert/edit hyperlink option)
  • Paste the URL you copied for the form page
  • Enter a short description of the form below (optional)

Tip: You can change the font size by selecting the Toolbar Toggle (the last icon on the first line where the B and I are displayed). It will display a drop down menu with the word ‘paragraph’ in the selection box, you can scroll down to the sizing options.

  1. Select the Publish/Update blue button on the right
  2. View your forms page and voila!
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