Adding a Gallery

If you have multiple images you would like to add to a page or a post, we recommend creating a gallery. A gallery will automatically format all of the images nicely onto the page, and is easy to add and remove images from in the future.

You can do this by following the below steps:


  1. Click the 'Add Media' button
  2. Select the tab on the left that says 'Create Gallery'
  3. In this tab you can select multiple images you would like to add to the page. Add images to Gallery.
  4. Select the style of Gallery you would like (options on the right), fill in any image descriptions you would like to have (optional) and create the gallery.
  5. This will add the images automatically onto the page, and automatically format them nice and neat onto the page!


To edit a created Gallery:

  1. Hover over the images on the page in the gallery
  2. A pencil will appear in the top left, click this
  3. This will bring you back to the editing page for the Gallery where you can add, remove, and edit the images
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