Image Licensing FAQ

What is this notice?
  • The owner of the copyright for this image has identified it as being used outside of of its license, or without a license
  • That doesn't necessarily mean that it's not being used correctly
  • The copyright owner may not be able to tell who licensed the image for this application
Why did I receive this a notice?
  • As the owner of the copyright, the licensor can determine the appropriate rate and usage of their image
  • The licensor can't determine the status of your images, therefore believes them to be of unauthorized use
  • It can be difficult for the licensor to determine appropriate use when installed in multiple websites or platforms
Is this notice legitimate?
  • The claimant should be able to prove that the image was indeed used on you site (with a screenshot) and provide you a link to the instance for the claim to be legitimate 
  • If the image was not provided by LifeLearn, then the claim may be legitimate
  • All images provided by LifeLearn have been licensed appropriately, and we can assist you in proving payment
    • Please forward any communications to LifeLearn for resolution


Am I responsible for paying it?

  • If the image was provided by LifeLearn with your website, then you are not responsible for paying
    • Please forward any communications to LifeLearn for resolution
  • If the image was not provided by LifeLearn with your website, you may be responsible for paying the licensor
    • Check your records to ensure you have licensed the image appropriately
    • Simply removing the image from your website generally does not absolve you from paying
If it take the image(s) down, will that resolve it?
  • If the image is proven to be used outside of the license, then simply removing the image will not typically absolve you from paying
What is image licensing?
  • Images are considered intellectual property
  • The creator of the image is automatically the copyright holder and can sell those rights to whomever he/she chooses
  • Image suppliers such as Getty have purchased the rights to a large library, and license those images for variable fees that are based on a number of factors, including:
    • Image quality
    • Intended use
    • Image type
    • Content contained in image
    • Demand & other factors


Who is this company contacting me?
  • In most cases, you'll be contacted by LCS Global, or one of its subsidiaries
  • LCS Global and other licensors typically have expansive libraries of images for commercial use, as well as substantial resources to identify and contact 
Who should I contact to find out if my image is licensed correctly?
  • If you're uncertain, please contact our support team to help you determine the source of your image
  • If your image was migrated from a previous website, we may not be able to identify the source
  • If your image was supplied with your website, we'll be able to resolve this issue on your behalf


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