What do I use the other tabs (other than Ask Sofie) for?

Collectively, we categorize all other tabs as Case Support tabs. When you click on one of the Case Support tabs, you will be prompted to input a working diagnosis, and Sofie uses that information to structure multiple questions in the background. In a way, Sofie is using your information to understand what you may be looking for.


Sofie has been trained on over 100 conditions in veterinary medicine (see the list below). We will continue to grow this list on an ongoing basis.


Clicking on each individual tab activates different types of questions. For example, inputting “Lyme disease” as a working diagnosis and clicking on Diagnostics will instruct Sofie to look up baseline and advanced diagnostic plans for your patient with Lyme disease. On the other hand, if you were to click on Case Overview, you would be instructing Sofie to only return information on clinical signs, history, and pathogenesis.


Sofie currently responds to working diagnosis queries, but users can expect Sofie to capture more detailed, patient-specific information about your cases in the near future. As Sofie learns, it will be able to use Information like patient signalment, history, clinical signs, and previous diagnostic and treatment results to shape Sofie’s responses.


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