What are the steps required to train Sofie on a new subject area?

With new research, new diseases, new drugs, etc., comes an ever-expanding base of literature in veterinary medicine. Sofie will never be truly finished learning on any given subject.  


With any new or updated subject matter, Sofie must first understand the basics. This is accomplished by creating basic question-and-answer pairs on general disease overview, differential diagnoses, diagnostic procedures, treatments, and prognoses. These questions are then sent to IBM Watson where they are uploaded and tested prior to releasing to our end users. This process takes approximately one week from start to finish. 


Once basic training is completed, more complex questions can be answered using IBM Watson’s cognitive computing algorithms. If a question is not answered to your liking, we ask that you complete a short feedback form (as outlined below) to help Sofie improve and learn to answer your question as desired. Your feedback will be placed in a queue of questions requiring training and will receive high-priority status in our training process, with an expected training turnaround of two weeks.


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