Website Backup Scam

As people become more informed about online scamming-tactics, the scammers just keep getting more creative. They lift addresses and other information from websites, and find ways to trick individuals and businesses into sending money for services they are not receiving from companies they don’t do business with.

There’s yet another one going around that you need to know about.

A company called “Website Backup” is mailing out official-looking invoices (on paper!) for website backup services. As you can see from the one pictured here, the bill looks pretty legit. If you visit the website, you’ll even find a shiny site with company information and several social profiles you can visit.

But when you really think about it, it’s really weird that a company that is not your website provider would back up your site – especially if the provider never mentioned it.

LifeLearn is in no way associated with Website Backup. We back up your website ourselves. We have servers that are co-located offsite in top-tier data centers. We run secure nightly backups of all files, databases and servers. And as always, you will only receive invoices for your LifeLearn products from LifeLearn directly – never from another company.

If you receive an invoice like this in the mail, please do not pay it! You can report it to your state Attorney General or consumer complaints office if you have the time, or you can throw it away, but do not send a check to this company.

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