Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags

Let us expose some myths surrounding this area of SEO:

Meta Tags, or Meta Keywords are no longer used by any of the major search engines in their website ranking. In fact, recent releases of both Google and Bing can lower a site score by marking your site as “spammy” if you are using meta keywords, especially if your meta keywords don’t reflect your content.

Here is an article posted by the team at Google Webmasters Central Blog on this topic: Meta Keywords

It is important to optimize the page title of your web pages. Your WebDVM4 website out of the box creates unique and readable page titles for your website. We also take it a step further and have added an ability to have a “Search Engine Optimized Title” that appears on the top tab of your browser while visiting the page. This page title is also crawled by the search engines.

* Including keywords in your search engine optimized title is important!
* For example: “Veterinary Services in Your location” – this indicates the services you offer and your target market location.

* Page Meta Description – Google has also announced that they’re not currently using the meta description to help rank your site but this does not mean that meta descriptions are not valid. The meta description appears under your name on a Google search. This content could prove very valuable when a client is determining whether to click on your site or the one above / below it! Optimizing this content to entice readers to click on your site is critical.

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