What if the answer Sofie returns is not adequate?

Sofie is always learning and as one of our early adopters, you have the opportunity to guide Sofie’s intelligence with your feedback, making it the optimal tool for your practice.


If no adequate answer is returned when you ask a question under the Ask Sofie tab, you will be presented with similar questions. This will not only help guide you to an area of the corpus that has been trained on that topic, but it can also help to demonstrate best practices for posing natural language questions to Sofie. 


If you feel the question is posed properly and an answer should exist in Sofie, we ask that you rate the top answer with a thumbs down. This will allow you to provide feedback and give us a better understanding of your needs pertaining to the breadth and depth of content sources, as well as the style and length of passages, and any other comments you may have. Your feedback will direct future content acquisition and training. You can expect an approximate one-week turnaround to train Sofie on new subject areas, as outlined above.

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