Creating a Page

You asked us how to create a page, so let’s get at it. Go to the left side of your website dashboard, click on Pages and then Add New.

Add a title, enter your content – text, media and/or images, set a featured image, and don’t forget to add that all-important local SEO information.

You can make it a sub-page to a parent page from the dropdown list here. For example, your Team page is likely a sub-page to your About Us parent page.

Or, leave this dropdown list set at (no parent) if you want it to be a parent page.

When you click Publish, your new page is live and has its own unique URL. But, you’ll need to take a few more steps before this new page will show up in your navigation menu:

  • Go to the left side of your website dashboard, click on Appearance then Menus.
  • Find the menu you want to edit from the dropdown list and click Select.
  • Click on the menu item, check the box of the page you want to add, and click the Add to Menu button. Repeat this process for each page you want to add, drag the pages into the order you prefer, and then click Save Menu.

And now you know. Check out our other videos for more tips like this.


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