How do I add staff members to the team page? How do I organize (order) my team with the correct hierarchy?

  • Go to Team on the left navigation of the Dashboard and click Add New
  • Enter in the staff member’s name and choose the role they have in the hospital from the right side of the page
  • If the role they have is not in the list you can click the Add New Role link and add in the title. From there add in the bio information and Set your featured image for the staff member. You can also set their Salutation, Title, Designations, Schools attended, Hometown, Pets and, if they would like, their personal Facebook and/or Twitter account information
  • Once done, click the Publish button
  • To sort the order of the titles to appear on the team page, go to Clinic optionsGeneral, scroll to the Team Page Role order and sort your team titles
  • Team are ordered by Role and then alphabetically within each role.


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