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Don’t have time for Social Media? Are your newsletters driving engagement with your clients?


Blogs + Social + Newsletters = Clients

You need to regularly publish content to a range of online destinations and use email to drive sales. Yet, it is difficult to find and produce content and put it together in a way that attracts clients.

Introducing WebDVM4 Social!

WebDVM4 Social is your easy solution. We make the sourcing and creation of relevant content simple, reducing distractions while improving your communication strategy.

Save time by letting WebDVM4 Social automatically distribute content of your choice across your blogs, social sites and email newsletters. We work with the platforms you already have, making what you do easier and more effective.

Your Newsletter – Made Better

Bring Your Existing Newsletter to Life. Typical email newsletters are flat communications that push information in one direction. They are time consuming to create and their impact is shrinking. Pet owners today are seeking “social” content that is short, useful, and interactive. With WebDVM4 Social your newsletter becomes a “Social Digest” – a regular email newsletter for your customers and prospects containing your latest social content and blog entries with links taking your readers directly into the conversation.

Introducing Newsletter and Social Content for Veterinary Service Providers

  • Increase pet visits, client interactions, and compliance rates with automated social media and email marketing that keeps clients engaged with your veterinary services.
  • Ready-made Facebook posts and Twitter tweets that spark awareness and demonstrate your expertise on your Facebook Page and Twitter account. Don’t have these yet? We’ll help get you started.
  • Email a Social Newsletter that includes this same engaging content to your clients. Create and add your own content or pick from an extensive library of material.
  • A completely automated practice marketing solution, requiring little or no time to run. Bring more people to your website and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The social Newsletters we help you build are interactive and support today’s world of consumers engagement. We give you everything you need including great content that is ready-to-use.

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