Integrate ClientEd Online with AVImark.

 You can integrate ClientEd Online into your AVImark system to automate the delivery of articles:

  • First, setup your ClientEd Online account with your clinic logo and contact information. Visit to login.
  • Next, check the version of your AVImark Software.
  • If you are on a version PRIOR to 2010.5, please contact AVImark technical support at 877-838-9273 for assistance to update your program.
  • If your AVImark program is on version 2010.5 or higher, proceed with saving the AvimarkClientEd file, included with this email, to your desktop and extracting the files. Instructions for setting up the integration are included.

o    Save the AvimarkClientEd file to your desktop, the icon will look like a folder with a zipper on it

o    Right click the Zip file, choose the Extract All… option and save to your desktop, you will now have the zip file and the AvimarkClientEd Integration folder (without the zipper) on your desktop

o    Double click the AvimarkClientEd Integration folder and open the Integration Instructions.pdf file

  **The Clinic must have a working copy of MS WORD for integration to work**

For further assistance with the integration you can contact AVImark technical support at 877-838-9273.


Click below link for .zip file.

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