WebDVM4 Email Migration


Get ready to be bumped to first class on October 30th, 2014. We’re committed to bringing you the best of the best, so we’re migrating all WebDVM4 hosted emails to a new platform that will offer you more flexibility and security. The best part is, there’s no additional charge to you!

Here’s a glimpse of your new and ridiculously improved email features:

Anywhere, anytime access.

Check and send emails when and where it’s most convenient for you – using webmail, desktop email clients (e.g., Outlook), and mobile devices. Your folders and emails are stored on a server, so you’re always seeing the most up-to-date view of your inbox and folders.

Bigger is better.

With 25GB of storage compared to your current 50MB of storage – that’s an increase of 24,950 megabytes – we dare you to max out your quota. Plus, you can now send email attachments as large as 50MB in size – that’s twice the size of many other competitors!

Security and privacy you deserve.

  • Our premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection includes three-layer scanning to help keep your inbox safe, so say goodbye to spam and viruses.
  • Keep confidential emails confidential with built-in SSL and TLS encryption – email data is essentially hidden (and protected from hackers) as it travels through the Internet.
  • And unlike some other providers, we do not read or track keywords in your email to target ads at you. We help keep your business email private with a strict ad-free policy.

It’s time to check in!

All you need to do to get your first class seat (without any hiccups) is to ensure that your current email settings are as follows:

Your webmail address is changing!

As of October 30th, you will no longer be able to access your webmail with the mail1.lifelearn.com login window. Instead, your new webmail login window will be webdvm.mymailsrvr.com – we strongly recommend that you bookmark this site now.

Our experienced support team would love to help, so email us at support@lifelearn.com or call us at 1-800-375-7994, option 3.

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