My Profile

My Profile area allows you change/update your name and email address or change your login password.

Organizational Details
Customize and brand your articles with your practice letterhead. Upload a logo and add your contact information and it will appear on the top of each article: logo on the top left and clinic details on the top right. The contact information appears whenever an article is printed, emailed or saved. For articles on your practice website, your contact information appears at the top of the article when printed.

When attaching your clinic logo, note that the maximum size of the image is 400 pixels in any direction. If your image is larger than 400 pixels, you will need to resize prior to loading the file.

User Accounts
Your ClientEd Online account can support from 5 to 50 users, with varying priveleges. Assign appropriate user levels to new users based on the chart below.


To add a new user, select "Add" from the bottom of the user list. To edit priveleges, choose "Edit" to the right of the existing user's "Type".

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