Modifying Articles

Modifying Articles

Using the Edit Resource button, you can fully customize an article's content to better match your practice's needs. You can also change the categories the article is associated with and remove or add keywords to improve search results.

After clicking the Edit Resource button you will see that you can edit the Summary area which is the description of the article that you see after doing a search.

Understanding the Editing Tools

Dropdown menu - Choose different formats to stylize your headings and text.

B - Bold text.
I - Italicize text.
U - Underline text.

Link icon - Insert an internal/external link. Highlight the text to be linked, click Link, insert the URL and a descriptive title of the linking webpage.

Broken link icon - Remove internal/external link.

Bullet Points - Create an ordered list using numbers or bullets.

HTML Source Editor - You may use HTML code to enhance the formatting, if you wish.

Paste from Word icon - This function is useful if you have previously written an article in MS Word, and wish to enter it into ClientEd Online. In this case, it is best to copy text from the Word document and then, then paste it into the Paste from Word pop-up as it will do a better job of importing the text.

iBrowser icon - insert an image. See instructions below.


How to Insert an Image

  1. Click the iBrowser button.
  2. Near the bottom, click the File Icon (green arrow) to upload the image.
  3. Click Browse.
  4. Navigate in your files to the image you wish to upload and click open.
  5. Click the Green Arrow Box beside the Browse button. The image should appear in the Images Box.
  6. Click on the image in the Image Box.
  7. If you want to change the properties of the image, click the Properties button in the left menu.
  8. Under Attributes, you can change the alignment of the image (i.e. center, left, or right) and the text will automatically wrap around it.
  9. A border can be added (between 1-2 pixels).
  10. Spacing around the image can be controlled by V-space (vertical) and H-space (horizontal) (add in a spacing of 5-20 pixels).
  11. Click Insert at the bottom of the page to complete the placement of your image.



Allows you to add or remove the various areas that the article would be associated with when doing a search.


Summary of Changes

A summary of changes made is required prior to saving the edited article, to maintain a record of what information was changed, when that change was made and by whom.

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