Searching Articles

The search area will give you a Simple Search or Advanced Search to look for the article that you wish to view.

Simple Search - Type in a keyword for the article/subject you are looking for.

Advanced Search - Allows you to modify and save your searches.

  • Add Filter - Adds additional layers to your search. For example, click the Title from the dropdown option, type 'Allergy'. Click Add Filter and then click Species from the new dropdown add 'Cats'.
  • Save Search - Saves the current Advanced Search for retrieval later. You may see a yellow information bar appear at the top of the screen asking your permission to allow scripted windows. Click on the yellow bar and choose the Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows. You will then have to click the Save Search button again to give your search a name. To retrieve a Saved Search, click Advanced Search and then View Saved.
  • View Saved - This button will appear when you click on the Advanced Search option and will allow you to view your saved searches. 


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