How do I re-order menus/services/slides on the website?

To re-order the menu drop downs:

  1. Go to Appearance/Menus
  2. Click on the tab at the top of the screen to correspond with the menu area that you would like to work with
  3. Click and drag the menu options into the order that you want them
  4. Click Save Menu

To re-order the service descriptions within a service category:

  1. Go to Services/Service Categories
  2. Find the category that you has the services you would like to re-order
  3. Click the number to the right of category area
  4. Click Quick Edit for the service and then change the date. Newest dates will be at the top the list, older dates will be at the bottom

To re-order slides on the homepage:

  1. Go to Slides
  2. Click Quick Edit for the slide and then change the date, newest dates will show first in the slide show, older dates will be last
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