How to add a new slide : Salient

  1. Login to the Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Nectar Slider -> Add New
  3. Under Slide Image, select the upload button to add your new photo

Note: these images should be around 2200 x 1100 pixels

  1. Slide Font Color: Use this to determine if you want the font to be dark or light on the slide
  2. In Heading, add the title for your slide
  3. In Caption, add the caption for your slide
  4. If you would like to add buttons to your slide, then use the Button #1 and Button #2 options

Button Text: this will be the text that is on your button

Button Link: this is where you put in the link that you want the button to direct to

Button Style: You can use this drop-down to choose the styling of the button

Button Color: You can use this drop-down to change the colour of your button (these are pre-set colours)

  1. Publish Slide
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