How to add an image gallery to a page: Salient

  1. Login to the Dashboard
  2. Go to Pages and either navigate to the page you want to add a gallery to or add a new page
  3. Once in the page (existing or new) make sure that you are in the Page Builder mode

How can I tell if I’m in page builder mode? If the blue button on the page says “CLASSIC MODE” then you are already on the page builder mode. If your blue button says “PAGE BUILDER” then you will want to make sure that you press that button to get in to the page builder mode.

  1. If you made a new page, then select the green “+ Add Element” button
  2. If you are on an existing page, then press the dark grey “+” under the blue button
  3. Select Image Gallery

Image source: Media Library

Gallery type: Image Grid Style

Images: Select the images that you want in your gallery from the Media Library (Note: you can upload images here by going to the Upload Files tab or by dragging and dropping the new images)

Image size: Select the size that you want the images (for example, if you put “450” then all of the images will be 450 px wide [which is normally a good place to start!])

Display Title/Caption: select this if you want to have a caption on photos

Layout: choose the amount of columns that you would like to have

  1. Save changes
  2. Update/Publish page
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