Adding a Notice to the Home Page - Salient

Adding a Notice to the Home Page

  1. Log in to the dashboard and navigate to Pages, then open the Homepage
  2. You will want to make sure that you are set to the Builder Mode (so right below “Homepage” you will see a blue button that says “Classic Mode” – this will show that you are in the correct view)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your page and press the large “+” button (when hovered over it says “Add Element” (pictured below)
  4. Select “Text Block” from the list of elements (pictured below)
  5. The Text Block Settings will open where you will want to switch your tab over to “Text” then write in the text that you would like to have set on this notice
  6. Flip your tab over to Visual when you have entered in your text. This is where you can edit the styling of your text (in this example, we used Heading 2 text and centered it)
  7. Press the blue Save Changes button when ready
  8. You will then want to edit your row settings by pressing the pencil icon that appears in the grey box to the top right of the row that you created (pictured below)
  9. The only thing that you will need to change in the row settings is the “Type” – you will want to set it to “Full Width Content” then Save Changes
  10. The next step is to edit the column settings – you will want to press the grey pencil icon that appears directly above your message (pictured below)
  11. From here you will want to make sure that you set a column padding. There is also the option to set a colour as the background, a hover colour, or add an image background (or even apply all 3). Save Changes when set (in this example, the padding is set to 3%, the background colour is set to white, the background hover opacity is set to 0.3, and a background image has been set)
  12. You can move the row by dragging and dropping the icon marked in the image below
  13. Update the page when done
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