Editing the Team Page - Layout 2


Navigate to the page either by going to Pages, searching Team, then opening the Team page editor OR by pressing the home button in the top bar, navigating to the Team page, and pressing “Edit Page” in the top bar.

This will open up the editing view of the Team page.

Editing a Current Team Member

Changing their photo
  1. Hover over the “Signal Image” block that appears to the left of the team member who’s image you want to replace and press the green pencil icon (see picture below)editing_team_member_photo_v2_step_1.jpg
  2. The Single Image Settings pop-up will appear where you can press the red “x” in the team member’s photo to remove the photo, then select “Add Image” to add a new image


Note: when adding a team member image, you will want to make sure that it is resized to the same dimensions as all others on the team page (you can find the dimensions of the others on the page by going to “Add Image” and pressing on the image of another team member – we suggest checking a few team members image dimensions so that you can see the size trend). See image below for clarification



Changing their name/bio
  1. To change their name or bio, you will want to hover over the name/bio of the Team member you want to edit then press the green pencil icon. (see image below)editing_team_member_text_step_1.jpg
  2. This will then open the Text editor where you are able to change the name, role, or bio informationediting_team_member_text_step_2.jpg

Note: We suggest using the “Text” section to edit bios so that all formatting stays the same (you will want to write your text in between any coding you see). See image belowediting_team_member_text_step_3.jpg

  1. When done, press the blue Save Changes button and then update your page


Reordering Team Members
  1. Hold your curser over the icon marked in the image below to drag and drop team members to another spot on the team page:editing_team_member_positioning.jpg
  2. Update your page when you are done


Deleting a Team Member

  1. To delete a team member you will want to hover over the trash icon that appears in the top right corner of the row (with the grey background) pictured below:deleting_a_team_member.jpg


Adding a New Team Member

  1. To add a new team member, the easiest way would be to clone an existing team member and then change out their information for the new team member. To clone a team member, you will need to press the icon with two paper icons on it to the right (with the grey background). Icon displayed below:clone_row.jpg
  2. Follow instructions for adding an image and changing a team member’s information
  3. Update page when done


Adding a New Role Category to the Page

  1. To add a new role category to the page, press the large grey “+” square and selected “Centered Heading”add_new_element_for_team_page_2.jpgteam_page_layout_1_add_centered_heading.jpg
  2. In the text box, type in the title that you would like for your new role heading and press Save Changes
  3. To add team members below this new role heading, follow the instructions for adding a new team member to the team page and drag the row with the new team member below this new heading (follow re-ordering team members for details)
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