Team Page - Bentley

1. Make sure you are logged into the dashboard of the website.


2.  Click PAGES on the left hand menu and find the page titled TEAM

The below graphic will show you the different controls you will come across when navigating the Administrative side of the Team Page. 


At the bottom of the Team Page Info graphic you will see where a + sign is outlined for adding a new Team Member. Once you click that + a popup will appear:


This will show you what to select when adding a new Team Member.

Once you have selected to add a new Team Member

This will break down the fields you will be filling out to add a new Team Member:


Once the new Team Member is added you should be able to drag and drop them to place them where you would like within the Team Page. 



Don't forget to click blue UPDATE button at the top of the page to save all of your changes.


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